Advancing the Voice of
Tolerance, Equality, & Diversity

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DreamVoice supports organizations that exist to better the human condition through the promotion of media assets and resource contributions. Funding for DreamWeek is solicited by DreamVoice through sponsorships, donations, sales of branded merchandise and our annual fundraiser the Mayor’s Ball.

The DreamVoice Team, a collection of community advocates from all walks of life, consists of dedicated writers, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and designers. The singular commitment is to promote an environment in which issues facing our global community are addressed in a civic and civil manner, while empowering those who seek the understanding and education required for peaceful coexistence.

DreamWeek is a modern-day expression of the MLK vision: to lay the foundations of tolerance, equality, and diversity by creating dialogue across cultures and communities. In a city known for its innate ability to confront conflict with resolve and civility – and, perhaps not coincidentally, the home of the largest MLK March in the nation – a small group of dedicated individuals started to hold meetings in 2010 with a common quest to advance and grow that vision as an annual summit of events.

In 2011, DreamVoice, LLC was established, by Shokare Nakpodia, as an organization dedicated to realizing this collective aspiration, and in 2013 the first DreamWeek summit was presented with 20 partners and 35 events.

DreamWeek San Antonio